[performance] series level 5 case for apple iphone 6 plus and 6s plus - purple/teal

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[performance] series level 5 case for apple iphone 6 plus and 6s plus - purple/teal

[performance] series level 5 case for apple iphone 6 plus and 6s plus - purple/teal

Spending on virtual and augmented reality could double each year for the next four years, says a new report. Consumer sales for things like headsets and games are currently the top driver of overall spending, followed by sales in the manufacturing and retail sectors. In the US, some of those sectors could ultimately overtake consumer sales by 2021. "Other segments like government, transportation, and education will utilize the transformative capabilities of these technologies," said Marcus Torchia, research director of IDC Customer Insights & Analysis.

Virtual and augmented reality [performance] series level 5 case for apple iphone 6 plus and 6s plus - purple/teal is a hotbed of investment and development right now, spurred by a recent spike in interest fueled by new hardware like Microsoft's Hololens, reality-altering apps like Snapchat, and even games like Pokemon Go, Google Lens and Apple's ARKit are also expected to spur consumer interest and development, And Facebook's in the mix, too, "As next-generation hardware begins to appear, industry verticals will be among the first to embrace it," says Tom Mainelli, program vice president, Devices and AR/VR at IDC, "They will be utilizing cutting-edge software and services to do everything from increase worker productivity and safety to entice customers with customized, jaw-dropping experiences."A new report predicts that worldwide spending on VR and AR tech will double every year through 2021 -- and it's not just games and headsets..

The battle to build a new generation of virtual and augmented reality experiences is already well underway, and if a new report from International Data Company is correct, the stakes might be higher than you might expect. Worldwide spending on virtual and augmented reality is expected to double each year through 2021, say the analysts at IDC, a market research firm based in Framingham, Massachusetts. According to their math, total spending will increase from $11.4 billion in 2017 to $215 billion in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 113.2 percent.

Visit manufacturer site for details, Affordable phones are getting better and better, so there's never been a better time not to pony up for a pricey iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S, The latest budget phone to impress me is the Oppo R11, a solid 5.5-inch device with a great camera and impressive battery life, The Oppo R11 [performance] series level 5 case for apple iphone 6 plus and 6s plus - purple/teal is worth your money -- though it lags slightly behind the even-more-worth-your-money OnePlus 5, You may not have heard of Oppo, but it's currently the world's fourth biggest phone manufacturer, thanks mainly to its popularity in China, And it's been making affordable Android phones for years..

The company makes a big deal over the new R11's selfie camera, which clocks in at 20 megapixels. Those extra pixels didn't seem to make that much of a difference in selfie quality, though my colleague Claire Reilly loved the beautifying software. Instead, the real stars of the show are the dual 20- and 16-megapixel cameras at the back. The phone sells in China for 2,999 yuan and the official price in Australia is AU$649. If you're in the US or UK, you can import it for around $440 or £340. That's around $300 (or £300) or so less than you'll pay for the similarly sized iPhone 7 Plus (£569 at Apple) or Samsung Galaxy S8. Despite the smaller price tag, the camera stands up to the shooters on those high-end phones.

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