nasa retro space travel poster the grand tour iphone case

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nasa retro space travel poster the grand tour iphone case

nasa retro space travel poster the grand tour iphone case

LG put a big emphasis on video and camera controls for the V30. The camera has preset filters that you can overlay on your videos while shooting, giving your footage different tints and colors. LG phones had these before, but now they have labels like "thriller," "romantic comedy" and "summer blockbuster."The full list of camera and video modes and settings. A few camera filters that are baked into the V30. Point zoom lets you smoothly zoom in on a subject while recording, anywhere on the screen -- usually, phones will just zoom to the center.

Though it's a simple thing, it's probably my favorite video feature to use, even though the video can make it look like the video shooter is a bit creepy towards the subject, It also nasa retro space travel poster the grand tour iphone case has a natural comedic factor à la "Curb Your Enthusiasm."Audio recording and playing capabilities were already stellar on the V20, and have been improved on the V30, The phone now records in clearer and more accurate 32-bit sound, compared to the V20's 24-bit and most phones' 16-bit, On the front is a 5-megapixel camera..

Taking a photo with the selfie cam. Beneath the cameras is a fingerprint reader, which can be used to unlock the lock screen. You can also unlock the lock screen using voice recognition. To do so, just program a phrase or word. You can also unlock the touchscreen using facial recognition. Some more looks of the V30.. The phone uses USB Type-C for charging and file transfer. And don't worry, there's a headphone jack. LG hasn't released an official price yet, but we anticipate paying a pretty penny for these features -- the V family is typically LG's priciest phone of the year. Pictured from left to right is the Galaxy S8, the V30 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

The new TomTom Sport app update tracks your progress with more-easily digestible figures, As the name suggests, your Fitness Age tells you how fit you are compared with others your age, with an easily digestible number rather than arcane measures like VO2max, That's the amount of oxygen you can use while exercising at your maximum capacity, and though it's a widely used unit of measuring fitness, it nasa retro space travel poster the grand tour iphone case requires a special test and gives you a fairly abstract number, TomTom's Fitness Age is designed to be simpler for the more casual athlete and people just looking to get into better shape..

It's pretty self-explanatory: You exercise a bit, your TomTom watch reads your heart rate over time and gets a sense of your overall fitness, and the app tells you how you're doing compared with other people your age (drawn from data on people in the US). If you're in good shape, it might tell you your Fitness Age is a few years younger than your real age (with a suitably celebratory icon). If you're not in great shape, it might tell you your Fitness Age is older than your real age. If you are that unfit, the good news is it's easier to improve your fitness faster than someone who's very fit and can make only incremental gains. That's where the second part of TomTom's update comes in. As well as your Fitness Age, the app will quantify your exercise in terms of Fitness Points to make sure you're not just working harder but working smarter.

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