moshi sensecover iphone x smart case - metro black

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moshi sensecover iphone x smart case - metro black

moshi sensecover iphone x smart case - metro black moshi sensecover iphone x smart case - metro black moshi sensecover iphone x smart case - metro black moshi sensecover iphone x smart case - metro black

moshi sensecover iphone x smart case - metro black

The V30 takes a lot of what was right with the G6 earlier this year and adds an improved dual-lens rear camera and cutting-edge Qualcomm 835 processor. It hits Korea on September 21, and other markets shortly thereafter. Motorola's next mid-price model delivers a 5.2-inch screen, dual rear cameras, a water-resistant body and an Android Pay-friendly fingerprint reader and NFC chip. Oh -- and Amazon's Alexa assistant is built-in, too. Sequels to Google's Pixel phones are said to be in the works, too. The rumored unveiling date is supposedly October 5.

The followup to Nintendo's impossible-to-get NES Classic arrives on September 29 for $80 or £80 (AU$119.95, out Sept, 30), It packs 21 titles dripping with pure retro nostalgia, including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2, Intel just announced faster, better 8th generation "Kaby Lake R" Core i chips, and the PCs running them aren't far behind, Refreshed laptops like the Dell XPS 13 shown here could be as much as 40 percent faster than their predecessors, A Mac Pro successor will arrive sometime after 2017, In the meantime, though, Apple will be launching a new iMac Pro in December, The most powerful all-in-one moshi sensecover iphone x smart case - metro black Mac ever will be powered by top-of-the-line Intel Xeon processors, and pricing will start at $5,000, That converts to about £3,900 or AU$6,300..

Also arriving in December is Apple's first entry in the smart speaker market. The Siri-enabled HomePod Wi-Fi speaker will retail for $349 (£270/AU$465, converted). Amazon's smart selfie camera has built-in LED lighting and computer vision-based background blur. Using your voice, you can take full-length photos and short videos with the hands-free camera and get styling advice from Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant. Needless to say there's a shopping element involved. Amazon is selling the Echo Look by "invite-only," which was how it sold the original Echo speaker when it first was released. You can request an invite and you'll eventually be able to buy one, but it's unclear when.

Apple, Google and Amazon aren't the only ones in the smart speaker market, Microsoft has promised a Cortana-powered speaker, too, It's called the Harman Kardon Invoke, and it's coming later this year, And now that we know that Cortana and Alexa will be able to talk to one another, the Invoke is more intriguing than ever, Android Oreo debuted all the way back in March as "Android O." With its cookie-flavored name now locked in, the new version of Google's mobile OS has finally started to hit phones, though rollouts to Samsung, LG and other non-Pixel and non-Nexus devices will moshi sensecover iphone x smart case - metro black likely take months, Some of Oreo's most exciting features are better battery life, easier controls for notifications and picture-in-picture video for both phones and tablets..

iOS 11 adds a host of new features to iPhones, including a revamped Control Center, Apple Pay via Messages, better Live Photos, scan to Notes, a more human-sounding Siri and much more. For iPads, the list is even longer, with improved multitasking features and a better app dock. Look for it to hit iPhones and iPads in September, soon after the new iPhones are announced. Apple promises that the next version of the Mac operating system will make Macs faster and more secure. Other cool features include better face recognition and editing tools. Following a summer of betas, the full version is expected to hit Macs in September or October.

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