iphone xs / x sprinkles

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iphone xs / x sprinkles

iphone xs / x sprinkles iphone xs / x sprinkles iphone xs / x sprinkles iphone xs / x sprinkles iphone xs / x sprinkles

iphone xs / x sprinkles

Motorola's latest smartphone has a few tricks up its sleeve. Here's what you need to know. The Moto Z3 Play is now an actual real thing we've had our hands on! It arrives this summer for $499 with an extra battery pack. After unboxing and setting up the Moto Z2 Force, what's next? Well, you can practice dropping it with confidence the screen won't shatter. Then you can practice putting a Moto Mod on it without triggering the alert that instructs you on the proper technique. Or, you can read through some of the tips we put together to help you get the most out of the new device.

But which one should you buy? The OnePlus has an amazingly high value, but the Galaxy S8 is a premium phone of the highest order with very few compromises, Read on to find out which is the phone for you, Here are the price breakdowns of the phones, Winner: This one's a bit of a no-brainer and doesn't need much of an explanation, At over $200 cheaper, the OnePlus is a better friend to your wallet, With its barely-there bezels and slim silhouette, the Galaxy S8 is smaller and narrower than the OnePlus, but iphone xs / x sprinkles has a bigger display, It also has an edge-to-edge screen and a glossy glass back that adds to the S8's overall sleeker looks, But the biggest S8 advantage is that it's rated IP68 water resistant, so you can submerge it in 4 feet of water for 30 minutes and it'll survive..

The OnePlus can handle a few drops of water here and there like most phones, but don't dunk it for any significant amount of time and expect it to keep working. As for its design, it has a familiar look with iterations past. But it has a solid build and its fingerprint reader is in a better location than the S8 (under the display instead of right next to the camera lens in the back). Plus, its metal backing gives no chance of shattering the back if you drop it. The comfortable OnePlus (left) with the sleek Galaxy S8.

Winner: The S8's sleek, dunkable body easily edges out the OnePlus's uninspired looks, Both phones take bright, vibrant photos as well as clear and focused closeup shots, But both edge the other one out in different ways, The OnePlus 5 takes better low-light pictures and the dual-camera telephoto setup renders smoother, more dramatic portrait shots with a blurred background, The Galaxy S8, on the other hand, iphone xs / x sprinkles takes sharper pictures with more details at full resolution, And I preferred the white balance on the Galaxy S8 too, as the OnePlus made some pictures a little too warm for our taste, Click here for the full Galaxy S8 vs, OnePlus 5 camera shootout..

Photos taken on the Galaxy S8 retain more details at full resolution. The Galaxy S8 (left) doesn't render bokeh photos as smoothly as the OnePlus 5. Winner: It's a toss up. What phone you like depends on your priorities. If you want a strong low-light performer that can take "bokeh"-esque shots, go for the OnePlus. But if you want your pictures with more true-to-life colors and can look as clear on a desktop as they do on Instagram, choose the Galaxy S8. Both our review units pack a Snapdragon 835 chipset from Qualcomm (though the Galaxy S8 has another variant with Samsung's Exynos processor). As such, the phones are speed demons, and day-to-day tasks like launching apps, firing up the camera's shutter and calling up the keyboard worked smoothly on both. We saw the same thing with the benchmarks we ran, as the phones earned similar high marks. Keep in mind, however, that OnePlus recently came under fire for skewing the 5's benchmarks (something Samsung has done itself in the past), though we used tests that bypassed OnePlus' tweaks.

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