iphone screen protector dust

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iphone screen protector dust

This one happens behind the scenes, but optical image stabilization (OIS) is now there for you to steady your hand when shooting in Portrait mode. When using the 2X zoom on the telephoto lens in Portrait mode, the camera is even more sensitive to movement, so the always-on OIS is even more beneficial here than in regular Photo mode. Read more: See all the new features coming with iOS 11. You are going to like Portrait mode even more after iOS 11 hits. iOS 11 has plenty of goodies in store for iPhone 7 Plus photography enthusiasts, providing greater control over the big phone's second camera lens.

In addition to the regular, wide-angle lens, the iPhone 7 Plus has a telephoto lens that provides a 2X optical zoom and an additional camera setting called Portrait mode that blurs the background for that artsy bokeh effect, Let's iphone screen protector dust have a look at the new tricks coming to the iPhone 7 Plus' special, second camera, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Place the document(s) on a flat surface, in a well-lit area. Open the Notes app, create a new note (or add the scans to a related Note, if you want). Tap the "+" symbol at the bottom of the screen then select Scan Document. A camera-like screen will show up, with a yellow box scanning and looking for a document. It's best if you try to hold your iOS device directly above the document, but it's not necessary. Apple designed its document scanner to work from various angles. Once the app recognizes a document it will automatically capture a scan — you don't have to do anything other than wait. However, there is a button to manually capture an image if it's struggling to find the document.

A small thumbnail of each page will be shown in the bottom-left corner, and the scanner will remain open to continue scanning multiple pages, When you're done, tap Save, There will be times when the Notes app can't quite make out the exact iphone screen protector dust corners of a document, so it will capture a scan but ask you to adjust the corners, Drag each magnifying glass corner to the proper spot and then tap Save, A helpful tip for using the adjustment tool is to not place your finger too close to the corner, If you're in the general area, you can drag and adjust as needed, Otherwise, you cover the magnifying glass and can't see your adjustments..

To customize how the SOS feature works, go to Settings > Emergency SOS. There you can view who is added as your emergency contact, and enable automatic calling. Any emergency contacts listed on this screen are there because you've added them in the Apple Health app. If you want to remove or add another person, you can do so from the same app. A potential downside to enabling automatic calling is accidental triggering of the SOS feature. All it takes is five rapid presses of the sleep/wake button to trigger a call, and there's no guarantee that won't happen in a pocket or purse. I recommend leaving the Countdown Sound option enabled, this will cause an alarm to play for three-seconds once the SOS feature is triggered, giving you a chance to cancel the call.

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