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iphone 7 case apple

If you're in a situation where someone needs help and they have an iPhone, press the sleep/wake button to bring up the SOS feature and slide the Medical ID button to the right. Odds are you've already called for help, but using this feature means you can find the person's emergency contacts to let them know what's going on. Call for help, discover someone's emergency contacts, and disable Touch ID with this new iPhone feature. A new feature in iOS 11 will make it easier than ever to call for help if you find yourself in an unsafe situation. Emergency SOS will call contacts and local emergency services after the sleep/wake button is pressed five times in rapid succession.

Starting with iphone 7 case apple iOS 11, users will be prompted when he or she launches an app that's accessing location data, Users can then choose how often the app can access the data, Naturally, most people will only want that to be when he or she is, you know, actually using the app, Starting with iOS 11, you will always have three options for how an app tracks your location, You don't have to wait until prompted, however, To control each individual app, users will need to go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to adjust individual app settings, This menu also currently exists in iOS 10 and earlier versions of the OS, but all three privacy options aren't always available, With iOS 11, however, Apple is giving you the choice to decide how you are tracked -- and it's about time..

Take that, Uber. Your shady app doesn't need constant location data anyway. There's a small, but incredibly important feature privacy feature in iOS 11 you're going to want to use. Instead of giving developers the power to decide which options to present users with for location sharing, Apple is giving that power to iOS 11 users. Prior to iOS 11, users could only use one of the location access options provided by developers. That meant, for an app like Uber, you were limited to two options. If a developer didn't want to include the option for use only while you are using the app, you were stuck with Never or Always.

Microsoft's Pix camera app can now detect when you're photographing a document, business card or whiteboard and adjust the photo photo accordingly, A high-contrast background makes it easier for the app to find the borders, "Once the shutter clicks, the app uses AI to improve the image, such as cropping edges, boosting color and tone, sharpening focus and iphone 7 case apple tweaking the angle to render the image in a straight-on perspective," Microsoft said in a blog post Thursday, If you do a lot of this thing for work purposes, Microsoft recommends its related app, Office Lens, You could also use other apps like Adobe Scan, Dropbox and Google Drive, All those tools also work on Android-powered phones -- and they're more geared for making PDF documents that are often more useful than JPEG images..

Microsoft Pix is only on the Apple App Store for iOS-powered devices for now, but the company plans to release an Android version. Pix uses artificial intelligence technology to pick and optimize photos and to apply a range of filters, and now it's got a new set of AI tricks for documents, too. Filters let you make them look like crumpled or lined paper, old-time yellowed parchment. You can also apply utilitarian changes, like turning them into grayscale documents or optimizing whiteboard images.

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