hello: the macintosh office (yellow) iphone case

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hello: the macintosh office (yellow) iphone case

hello: the macintosh office (yellow) iphone case

Above, see a handy animated illustration of just how different this iPhone may look. If Apple's trying to maximize the screen on this new iPhone, why leave such a big cut-out up top?. One possible answer: That's where the brand-new face-recognizing camera needs to live. Troughton-Smith and Rambo discovered dozens of references to face recognition in Apple's leaked firmware, not to mention a brand-new infrared camera -- one that sounds like it'll be mounted on the front of the phone. In addition to seeing in the dark, infrared cameras are often used for facial recognition. That's because they can be set up to sense depth, preventing someone from using a flat picture of a person to fool a facial scanner.

What about people who use the home button to wake up their phones? Troughton-Smith says he found a "tap to wake" feature as well, Perhaps you'll simply tap anywhere on the screen, like Microsoft's Lumia phones, to wake your phone from its nap, If Apple were to release a flagship iPhone that couldn't tap-to-pay at stores, would you care?, That may not be a rhetorical question, because hello: the macintosh office (yellow) iphone case Troughton-Smith and Rambo have yet to find any evidence that the new flagship iPhone will have a fingerprint sensor..

It's probably not in the home button -- again, because there's probably no home button -- and Troughton-Smith says there's no reference to one that might live underneath the display. Apple was reportedly trying to put a fingerprint sensor inside the screen itself, but it was also reportedly struggling to integrate it. A lack of evidence isn't great evidence, mind you. It could be buried deeper in the code -- or perhaps Apple will simply move the existing Touch ID fingerprint sensor to the back of the phone instead, as Samsung, Google, LG and others have done.

Couldn't Apple simply use the new Pearl ID face-recognition system to identify you? Perhaps -- but Rambo says it looks like Pearl won't be used for payments, Maybe the banks don't trust it enough yet: Samsung told CNET that hello: the macintosh office (yellow) iphone case its facial recognition system wasn't secure enough for such things, Apple might be facing similar issues -- but it's hard to imagine a new iPhone shipping with Apple Pay that's effectively broken, so something here doesn't quite add up, Remember how the very top of the screen is bisected by that camera cut-out? That could wreak havoc on the iPhone's status bar, where you'd traditionally see your phone's battery life, cell signal strength, and the current time of day..

So far, developers haven't found any evidence of a rear-mounted sensor -- but it looks like that front-facing infrared camera might have a role to play in augmented reality as well, according to these two tweets. We're not sure why Apple would want to identify specific facial expressions yet -- perhaps they're for a new AR selfie feature, akin to Snapchat and Instagram's popular filters?. Wireless (inductive) charging has been one of the longest standing iPhone rumors that hasn't yet panned out, and KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (who has a solid track record for Apple predictions) believes all of Apple's new iPhones will include the feature this year.

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