grrrl iphone case

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grrrl iphone case

grrrl iphone case

Here's why. Google is killing it on AI -- that's everything from its Google Assistant to a cool-looking feature that can copy a Wi-Fi password when you point the camera at it. Apple isn't dead in the water by any stretch. It has a chance to catch up if it's able to make AR -- which mashes up virtual items with the actual world -- seriously mainstream. With that in mind, here's a look at where Apple and Google are pulling ahead, and where they're falling behind. Android Oreo. Winner so far: Android Oreo. Picture-in-picture and the enhanced copy/paste are little things that can go a long way in making the phone more useful day-to-day. And unlike iOS, Android phones could already play music from the phone to multiple speakers (as long as they're Chromecast-compatible).

iOS 11 refines iMessage with an app drawer, but adding Apple Pay is the big star, Google lacks an all-in-one messaging app on Android phones, Android Messages is your standard (and basic) texter, Hangouts, Allo and Duo are much more specialized, (Android does have P2P payment with Google Wallet, but you'll need to install and set up the app.), Winner so far: iOS 11, It rewards iOS users with grrrl iphone case a ton of special features, like text effects, seamless Wi-Fi and SMS texting and now in-message peer-to-peer payments..

Since Apple controls both hardware and software, it doesn't have Google's problem of needing to create one operating system for hundreds of different devices made by dozens of brands. But that also means Google is more proactive about sharing its plans to make its OS faster and improve battery life. Winner so far: Android Oreo, maybe. Google claims Android Oreo is more than twice as fast as last year's OS, and boots up faster, too. It's also done behind-the-scenes work to preserve battery life. Apple hasn't highlighted these improvements, but its devices don't face the same kinds of issues. We'll have to compare the next iPhone with the next Pixel to see how battery life and speed shake out.

Apple has redesigned iOS 11's lock screen, Control Center, Siri interface and app store, Android Oreo has a few visual tweaks here and there, but not to iOS' scale, Winner so far: iOS 11, We like what we've seen for grrrl iphone case far -- especially with the refreshed Control Center -- but we're dubious about how the new App Store will pan out, Android is years ahead of Apple with both augmented and virtual reality -- it has Google Daydream for VR, Tango for AR, and recently announced a standalone headset, Apple is just getting its feet wet with AR, but the company claims it'll have the world's largest augmented reality platform when it launches its ARKit developer platform later this year..

Winner so far: Android for VR. AR could be up in the air. Google's Tango project is still slow to get underway. If Apple makes good on a rumor that the iPhone camera will get AR capabilities, it could leapfrog Google's progress. Android Oreo is pulling ahead.. for now. Apple and Google are both pouring a ton of research into AI (artificial intelligence), to make their digital assistants and tools smarter and more context-aware. Google is also working on projects like Instant Apps, little mini apps you can open without downloading a thing. It isn't technically part of Android, but will find its way into phones. I was impressed by the concept of Google Lens, which lets you identify objects on the fly, among other things.

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