cards with silk lace ballet shoes

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cards with silk lace ballet shoes

cards with silk lace ballet shoes cards with silk lace ballet shoes

cards with silk lace ballet shoes

Join Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, and members of Contra Costa NOW, for an evening of “Celebrating Sisterhood,” honoring outstanding leaders who have contributed to the success of NOW over the years, including Rep. Mark DeSaulnier, former Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, and NOW Contra Costa past presidents Selma King and Lesley Hunt, California NOW past president Linda Joplin and O’Neill. Tickets are $75 in advance by May 3, or $90 at the door. Visit, email or contact Phyllis Bratt at 925-945-1938 or

“The Fabulous Follies” will showcase the talents of performers from ages 25 to 75 in lavish costumes, dancing, singing and entertaining, It’s a showcase of not only senior talent but also professional artists of all ages in an eclectic combination of dance, comedy, Several choreographers have been invited to participate in the show, including the “Starr Steppers” from Rossmoor as well as Dolly’s Tappers cards with silk lace ballet shoes from Napa, Mike Spellman of Brentwood, and Ella Wolfe of Crockett share their vocal talents as well..

Moreover, Diwali is “a unifying opportunity, especially for children who don’t have perceptions of separatism,” she said. “I think [sharing cultural traditions] contributes to more tolerance, more acceptance, so I’m pretty proud of that.”. This year marks the museum’s fifth Diwali celebration. The event is created in partnership with an advisory board comprised of members of the South Asian community. Parveen Dhillon, Zoraver’s mother, is a longtime member of the board. Diwali “is like a great educational event that, I think, whichever community you come from in India, you feel a lot of pride [in],” she said. “Even for Indian-Americans who are a few generations in America, you get this great sense of pride because it’s a huge party. You won’t get this anywhere else.”.

The duo stayed together romantically for a year, then remained artistically linked for four more, “In 1994 at ODC Theater, our last piece together was “Collision of Course.”, “Now we’re doing a re-make of this tape measure piece,” he explains, “I thought it would be really cool to work with Kathleen again.” She adds, “It’s nice for me to be included in the history of it, too, because it’s so easy to erase it cards with silk lace ballet shoes or re-write it or forget that there was someone else involved, I think I was so influenced by his aesthetic and I think I influenced his as well.”..

Sproul, who has worked at the burn center for 24 years and is also a burn survivor, credits the foundation for providing financial support to patients so they can afford medical supplies, outreach and after care, including special events such as an annual gala where survivors are given courage awards. The burn foundation also offers support for adult burn survivors, including a support group and retreat. “I’m so appreciative and grateful,” Sproul said. “We couldn’t do a lot of these programs without them.”.

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