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ballet company dancewear

“Fiesta has become a source for sharing joy, happiness and love of our community as we celebrate a 94-year-old tradition of honoring our past as we make the steady march into our future,” Denise Sanford, this year’s Old Spanish Days Presidenta, said in her annual proclamation. What the festival has become, in spite of its name, is a celebration both of Santa Barbara’s Spanish heritage and of Mexican culture, putting the two side-by-side in many public events. (We will save discussions of the historical implications of colonialism for another day.).

“She’s pretty much on autopilot,” said Kasey Chung, Michelle’s mother, “She’s independent, She manages her schedule better than anyone else I know.”, Chung said she and her husband, Bill Lee, have been very supportive — despite having “no music background.”, “She’s just loving it so it’s easy for us when she knows what she wants to do and she’s the one who’s initiating,” Chung said, Michelle plans to double-major in college so she can pursue both music and another subject — most likely chemistry, but it’s still ballet company dancewear too early to say..

Pacific Ballet: Presents its 26th annual “Nutcracker”; Nov. 25-27; Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts; $25-$30; Peninsula Youth Ballet: The company’s “The Nutcracker” has top young dancers from around the Bay Area performing in a fully staged production; 2 and 7 p.m. Nov. 26, 2 p.m. Nov. 27; San Mateo Performing Arts Center; $25-$45; 800-595-4849, San Jose Dance Theatre: “Nutcracker” production includes former Silicon Valley Ballet members Ommi Pipit-Suksun and Rudy Candia and is accompanied by the Cambrian Symphony; Dec. 2-11; Center for the Performing Arts, San Jose; $32-$65;

During talks in 2000, 2001 and 2008, Israel offered the Palestinians a state, The Palestinians rejected peace and responded instead by bombing Israeli schools, buses, discos and pizzerias full of children, In 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza; Gaza’s Palestinians responded by firing 15,000 rockets at Israeli cities, Israel would love a secure peace, ballet company dancewear But it takes two to tango, and sadly, the Palestinians refuse to dance, All of the recent articles on the housing crisis are akin to fake news being promulgated by growth zealots looking to sacrifice any reasonable quality of life to keep the development gravy train rolling, California and the Bay Area have an over-population crisis.  California’s environment cannot sustain 40 million people.  We now live in the state with the nation’s worst air quality, the most endangered species, non-stop water crises, traffic gridlock and worsening educational institutions and quality of life, Rather than strategizing on squeezing more housing into less space or attempting to turn sea water to drinking water, our elected local and state representatives should address the real underlying problem: over-population and the “we can grow the economy forever” mentality that has turned our human population into a weapon of mass destruction.  A stable state economy with growth limits and zoning restrictions to prevent over-development is the action required..

Cho (“The Language Archive”) lets the often bloodcurdling narrative unfurl in jagged shards, letting us puzzle through alternative scenarios of what happens to this troubled student, what becomes of the firepower that might be carrying in his backpack and whether Gina will make it out of this alive. Unfortunately the drama loses some of its hold over us in these scattershot permutations of possibility. Some of the parallel realities are harrowing, particularly those involving people cowering in the shadows while a rampaging gunman stalks the halls, but others are frustrating. The standoffs between the student and the teacher, often punctuated by bursts of gunfire, never build into something like resonance before being cut off.

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